Childcare News

Crib Room  (Birth - 2 years old)

The Crib Room is available for children birth to two years of age, during both morning worship services and the Sunday school hour.  A baby's first two years are huge milestones in determining the type of person they will become in life.  Our goal at Christ UMC is to start them on their social and more importantly, their spiritual journeys.  From birth to 12 months, babies are able to learn how to experience God's love through people at church while developing a sense of trust in others.  Our service workers offer a consistent assurance of God's love to all babies under their care. 


   A child 13-24 months old can start to feel "at home" in church knowing they are important to the service workers.  During this time, little children love to have the wonder of the world pointed out to them while hearing how special and unique God has made them.  Children are the top priority of our service workers while left in our care.  We love ALL children and wish to help each child we encounter feel good about who they are as they grow through many of life's changes.

Preschool Praise Room (3 years old - pre-kindergarten)

The Preschool Praise Room is available for children three years of age to pre-kindergarten during the 10:45 a.m. worship service.  During this time the children experience hands on application to the lessons heard during the Sunday school hour.  We learn through games, play time, cooking, and many more ways.  Although we build on what is taught in Sunday school, the Preschool Praise Room is no substitute for the Sunday school hour.



Children ages 3-5 all have very different personalities and comfort levels.  We work on both social and spiritual development having both group and individual activities.  At this age, we introduce prayer and encourage the children to pray on their own.  We show respect to all children and teach them how and what it means to respect others.  Children in the Preschool Praise Room enjoy trying new things even as they learn through repetition.  At Christ Church, we work towards partnering with parents as we establish a firm foundation for each child as they move towards school age and beyond.