2024-2025 Preschool Program Guide


Christ United Methodist



Program Guide


For over 50 years, the purpose of Christ United Methodist Preschool has been to provide children with a Christ-centered environment that allows them the freedom to learn more about the world and themselves.  As we are a Christian Preschool, our curriculum includes monthly Bible stories, religious significance of holidays and basic Biblical truths.  We recognize each child as an individual with different needs and characteristics.  We provide a diversified preschool program that is FUN, EXCITING, and STIMULATING through age-appropriate activities which enhance each child’s unique social, intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities.

We are blessed to have a staff of loving individuals with many years of experience in Early Childhood Development.  They are devoted to making your child’s first school experience a positive one, because we know that it will lay the foundation for the many years of schooling which will follow.

The goals of the Three Year Old classes, Four Year Old classes, and the Pre-K class are to help children socialize easily with other children, explore their creative abilities, and stretch their imaginations. We help them do so through structured daily activities, art projects, and field trips. An integral part of our curriculum is the teaching of School Readiness Skills (being able to stand in line, learning to listen and follow simple directions, getting used to a daily routine, numbers, letters, phonics, shapes, colors, name recognition, and more), which will help to make the transition to Kindergarten easier for your child. There are many opportunities for you to share in your child’s class experience. You will come on field trips, may help with special projects and attend our holiday festivities. In addition, we ask parents to provide snack & drink for their child’s class about once every month.

The Millcreek School District and the Erie School District require a child to reach the age of FIVE by September 1st before entering Kindergarten. We also follow this cutoff date.  ALL CHILDREN MUST BE POTTY TRAINED. A child MUST be THREE years old by September 1st for the Three Year Old classes and FOUR years old by September 1st for the Four Year Old classes.  Children entering the Pre-K class should be FIVE or developmentally ready for the challenges of this class. Children will be assessed before entering the Pre-K class.

As a parent of a child who is three or four years old, you may wonder, “Is my child ready for school?”  Only the parents know for sure.  The answers to the following questions can be helpful in making that determination.

“Does my child suffer from extreme separation anxiety?”

“Does my child know when he/she needs to use the bathroom without being prompted?”             

  “Is my child looking forward to coming to school?”

We hope that you think that Christ U. M. Preschool is as special as we do and wish to entrust us with the care and nurturing of your precious child during the 2024-2025 school year. If you wish to enroll your child in one of our classes, then please complete the Registration and Information Sheet and the Permission Form. Return it along with the $60 registration fee, to the address listed on the bottom of the sheet. Tuition for September is due on August 2, 2024 (or pay with registration fee). You will be notified if the classes are full, otherwise your child is officially enrolled.

A final confirmation card will be sent in August to remind you of our Parent’s Information Meeting for ALL classes. During this meeting you will have the opportunity to meet the staff and hear more about the specifics of the program. Please arrange care for your child as this meeting is for parents only. The First Day of School for ALL classes will be held on September 6, 2024. The three Year old class will dismiss at 10:30 a.m., The Four Year Old will dismiss at 10:45 a.m., and our Pre-K class will dismiss at 11:00 a.m. Each year we offer refreshments during the Student Orientation Day for parents. This is a great opportunity for you as parents to meet other parents in your child’s class in the classroom environment.   October’s tuition payment will also be due by the first day of school in September.

Maximum Class Size:

All 3 & 4 – 14-16 students with one Teacher and one Assistant

Pre-K Classes – 12-14 students with one Teacher and one Assistant

Tuition Cost:

Two Day Classes   (If enough interest)(3’s)        $130.00 per month

Three Day Classes (3’s)                                           $140.00 per month

Three Day Classes (4’s)                                           $150.00 per month

Pre-K Class                                                              $170.00 per month

Registration Fee (non-refundable)                        $  60.00 per year

There is a 10% discount for Christ U. M. Church members who regularly attend worship. For families with more than one child in our program, the first child is full price and each additional child will receive a 10% discount on his/her tuition.

Class Schedules:

Three-Year-Old Classes

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday mornings                                                         9:00-11:30 a.m.

Tuesday & Thursday mornings (If enough interest)                                           9:00-11:30 a.m.

Four-Year-Old Classes

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday mornings                                                          9:00-11:45 a.m.

Pre-K Class

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday mornings            9:00-12:00 p.m.

Enrichment Program (4’s & Pre-K students)

One Wednesday each month ($25.00 fee)                           12:00-2:30 p.m.

(Subject to Change)

School Year:

September Tuition Payment Due      Friday, August 2, 2024

Parents Information Mtg. for all classes        Wednesday, September 4, 2024

First Day of School for M-W-F and PK Classes     Friday, September 6, 2024

First Day of School for T-Th Classes                   Thursday, September 5, 2024

May Tuition Payment Due                   Friday, April 4, 2025 (Last Payment)

Last Day of School for M-W-F Classes                Wednesday, May 23, 2025

Last Day of School for T-Th Classes                      Thursday, May 22, 2025

Waldameer School Picnic                                       TBA

 Printable Registration Form


Child’s Name _______________________________________________________________

Name To Be Used on Name Tags _______________________________________________

Address_______________________________________Zip Code ____________________

Phone __________________________Birth Date ______________________ Sex ________

Email Address ______________________________________________________________

Father’s Name__________________________________ Cell # _______________________

Occupation____________________________________ Work Phone __________________

Mother’s Name__________________________________Cell # _______________________ Occupation_____________________________________Work Phone __________________

Child lives with:         Both Parents______ Mother_____ Father_____ Other_________

Please list any siblings:

Brother(s) names_____________________________________ Their Ages______________

Sister(s) names_______________________________________Their Ages______________

Church Affiliation ____________________________________________________________

Enrollment is on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. To ensure that your class is available for your child, please register early.   Please mark your 1st and 2nd choice for which class you would like to enroll your child.


3 Years Old       Monday, Wednesday & Friday                          Mornings                               ______

3 Years Old       Tuesday & Thursday (If Interest)                     Mornings                               ______

4 Years Old       Monday, Wednesday & Friday                          Mornings                               ______

Pre-K Class       Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday        Mornings                               ______


Mail with $60 registration fee to:       Christ United Methodist Preschool

                                                  2615 West 32nd Street, Erie, PA  16506

*Reminder- September’s tuition payment is due on August 4, 2023.

Please mail to the address above.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY:  Please list two people (other than the parents) to contact if the parents cannot be reached at home, work, or on their cell phones:

Name__________________________Ph.#__________Relationship to child______________

Name__________________________Ph.#__________Relationship to child______________

Please list any allergies & their reactions (ex. milk allergy – stomach ache), special needs or disabilities of which we should be aware: ________________________________________________________________________________________


Please list any previous school experience your child has had: ___________________________


Has there been any home experience that might affect your child’s behavior in school such as a death, frequent moves, divorce, recent births, etc.? ________________________________________________________________________________________



Special instructions/restrictions concerning dismissal and pick-up procedure for your child:

The first time your child is picked up by a new person, we will check the Driver’s License in order to verify the identity.  If the Adult is included in the list below, your child will be released to the Adult. If the Adult is not listed below, then your child will NOT be released to the Adult. If you know ahead of time that an Adult, who is not listed below, will be picking up your child, you MUST provide a written note to your child’s teacher. If this is a “last minute” change, you MUST call the office and speak to the Director personally. Any Adult not listed, will be asked to provide their Drivers License to be copied, and sign a form which states that your child is being released to him/her, once we verify permission from the parents. Please read the extended policy in your child’s handbook which you will receive on Parent Night.

For the safety of ALL students we will strictly follow this policy.

Please list 2 parents/guardians and 2 other individuals who have permission to pick up your child from school.

Name ____________________________________ MOM ___________________________

Name ____________________________________ DAD ____________________________

Name ____________________________________ Relationship ______________________

Name ____________________________________ Relationship ______________________

Are there any custodial issues which we need to be aware of?   _______________________________

If yes, please speak with the director.

I understand the rules for picking up students at Christ United Methodist Pre-School.


                      Parent/Guardian                                             Date

If you need further information regarding the preschool program or a private tour of our school, please feel free to call the Preschool Office during school hours at 838-8918 and speak to our Director, Laural Crawford. Tours are available during regular preschool hours.  We are proud of our program and want you to see us in action.  We look forward to meeting and getting to know you and your child in the coming year.

Below are five questions regarding permission for the Preschool to take photos/videos of your child and/or share certain personal information.  Please check boxes as appropriate.

You will be notified of each field trip through the monthly newsletters and bulletin board reminders.  All transportation for field trips is provided by parent drivers.  Children age 8 and under MUST have a car/booster seat.   NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please fill out this entire page and return it along with your Registration Form.  It will be kept on file throughout the year in the preschool office.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Please check off the appropriate boxes, then sign and date the form.

□ I give Christ United Methodist Preschool permission to take photos or videos of my child.  The photos and/or videos will NOT be released to the press without specific written consent. Photos will be used throughout the school on bulletin boards and featured in the end of year slide show.  We try to place photos on our website as well; however student’s names will not be posted on the school’s website along with the photo.

□ I understand that in order for my child to attend Field Trips an adult must provide his/her transportation and remain in attendance with said child.

Please check all items you wish to be distributed on your child’s class list

□ include our names (parents)                                 □ email address

□ address                                                                  □ phone number

□ I deny permission to Christ U. M. Church to use a photo of my child involved in preschool activities on their web page.  I understand that no child’s name or any other information regarding them will be given.

Child’s Name: ___________________________________________________________


                      Parent/Guardian                                               Date